Pain Management Techniques After Surgery

One of the greatest health issues we often face in our daily life is pain. According to estimation one third people of the world are facing problems of pain. Pain in any of its kind massively affects our life quality. Pain management is the name of an interdisciplinary approach which relives or helps in relieving pain.

Pain management has different techniques according to the type and strength of pain. In a particular pain management team there are following actors involved. These are medical practitioners, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses and specialists etc.

Pain is really painful after a surgery especially in orthopedic surgeries pain can be a great problem for the patient as he is completely on bed for couple of months. Therefore pain management is very important for these patients. Pain management is also necessary as a person or patient suffering the pain for a long time will be an easy prey for depression that will make his life more difficult.

Pain is adverse in its every kind and should be properly managed for easy livings. There are many techniques available that can help in managing the pain. Here we will mostly take into account the pain management techniques after a surgery.

A pain management plan after a surgery is often multidisciplinary and it might be combined by the input of medical practitioners, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, clinical psychologists and therapists.

Many pain management systems after surgery are focused on common methods and techniques. Here are few techniques that really help to control pain after surgeries are following. Relaxation is wildly used attribute in pain management and in this technique patient is introduced to a relaxed and friendly environment for his physical and mental relaxation.

Deep breathing, progressive muscular relaxation (PMR) and imaginary gaudiness is used for relaxation. Exercises are also used to cope with pain after surgery. These exercises are very simple physical activities. Heat and cold treatments and stress management is also used in many pain management systems.

Pain management can also involve some kind of Narcotics. If pain after surgery is massive only than narcotics can be prescribed because narcotics carry some side effects with them that can lead the patient in a problem if practiced in a regular routine.

Therapies can also play vital role in PM (pain management) after surgery. Massage therapy can be helpful to relax the muscle around the place of surgery and it will reduce the chances of inflammation and swelling at surgery location. Psychological pain management techniques can also be practiced to manage pain after surgery. In this regard a skilled psychologist can be hired that can coordinate with patient and can bring realistic results helping through the PM.

Food is also important in releasing pain. For effective PM after surgery one must have to take caution about the intakes of his patient because they really matters. Some allergic reaction might occur with some patients if their food is not given properly according to what prescribed by a doctor.

If the pain is sever after the surgery than Morphine can also be given to the patient. Morphine is a major substance in opium that is very effective against pain relief. It acts directly on the central nervous system of the patient and is most commonly used medicine for server pain after a surgical operation. Morphine can also be used to reduce pain like chronic pain like cancer etc. TENS machines can also be used for PM after a surgery. These machines give a short term relief of pain in many people but these machines should be only used with extreme care.

In rare cases pain is not get to end even after a few couple of months. In these cases one can use the latest technology to get relief. It combines nanao technology with crystals activated by body heat. It produces energy from body heat. These energy waves are transmitted to the origin which is affected by the pain. This procedure is successful even it helped the pain that was with a patient from 40 years.

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